A Sticky Soundtrack

Excuse the missing chunk of cookie, you know how it is...
Excuse the missing chunk of cookie, you know how it is…

I have a confession – I love pop music. Where there is a bumping bass and catchy lyrics, there I am, dancing and singing along like I wrote it. I am regularly told to keep my day job after my performances, but that doesn’t stop me. If Iggy Azalea can make it, I can too.

However, I have my limits. Unless it’s Whitney, Mariah, Anita, or Adele, I don’t want to hear your ballad. I’m no sap, so it’s an easier pill for me to swallow if you’ve got divinely blessed vocal chords. Unfortunately, every once in a while a crappy love song makes its way onto the radio, where it is overplayed immediately and eventually ingrained into your memory. I encountered one of these gems at my next stop – the South End Buttery.

The song – “Stickwitu” by the Pussycat Dolls. Had this song been playing when I first walked into the café, I might’ve promptly walked out. Thankfully, it interrupted me after I’d already received my drink. I turned to my boyfriend wide-eyed and mouth gaping, astounded that such a hip place would include this on their soundtrack. Surely the barista chose the wrong playlist…

My incredulous pondering did not keep me from singing along though. I didn’t even know that I knew the words; usually, I turn songs like this off within 3 seconds of hearing the first chord, but apparently it had still found a way into my lyrical repertoire. Try as I might, I lip-synched to every word between sips. Yes, I’m ashamed, but honestly, enduring that was totally worth it.

The latte was incredible! Just the perfect amount of foam, and the coffee was so delicious. It was mellow and had what I’d call some chocolatey notes, but it wasn’t too heavy. To top it all off, the oatmeal raisin cookie I had afterward was equally as impressive. Overall, I give the South End Buttery a solid 8. I highly recommend that you pay them a visit, and get a snack too because they do not disappoint. If you go, let me know what song they’re playing while you’re there; I’m really curious if this was some sort of weird anomaly or if they actually like the Pussycat Dolls (which would be pretty disappointing, let’s be honest).

If you’re keeping score, I’m 1 for 2 now. Here’s hoping for another win next week!


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