The Post-Hibernation Post

DSC02126_edit 1
While I was away…

Some people are good at doing things and sticking to them, some others aren’t. Obviously, I’m part of the latter group.

It’s not because I don’t enjoy blogging about lattes and coffee shops though. I love it. Who wouldn’t?

Caffeine is life.

DSC02134_edit 1
Some good lookin’ life right here.

However, sometimes you just have to take a break, sleep it off, and start over. (Or, sometimes you inadvertently take a super huge break for no reason at all. Except maybe that it was freezing cold. Not too cold for coffee, but too cold for blogging inspiration… But that’s not what happened, and we all know it.)

Anyway, I just wanted to say I’m back from my hibernation. Here are some pics to enjoy before my next post.

Whenever that is.

DSC02099_edit 1


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