It’s all about the visual, baby

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When it comes to aesthetics, beauty, and design, I think it’s more than fair to say the Japanese are holding down one of the top spots. From the watercolor works of ancient Japan to the modern Harajuku fashion movement, Japan has been an icon of unique design and beauty since basically the dawn of time. The eons spent in isolation probably have a lot to do with the distinctly Japanese aesthetic that exists now, so cheers to all you loners out there – you’re destined for greatness and beauty.

Needless to say, I was pretty excited when I learned a Japanese coffee shop was opening up downtown. Boston could certainly use more beautiful, minimal design with the sort of quirkiness inherent in all Japanese art and beauty, so Ogawa is a welcome addition regardless of the quality of the product.

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However, seeing as just about everything the Japanese do turns out amazing (except perhaps economic policies…), I expected nothing short of perfection at Ogawa, and they certainly delivered. A latte art champion trains the baristas, so the commitment to excellence is very real. Every cup has a perfectly crafted bloom in the foam, which is a cute complement to the heavy floral notes in the espresso. Also, surprisingly, it doesn’t take too much foam to create latte art, which is a huge plus for me, as you may know. Another plus – the menu is amazing! There are so many interesting things to try, including a plethora of various roasts from across the globe and some unique takes on classic coffee beverages (and some pastries from my favorite, the Buttery!). Admittedly, I haven’t gone any further than the latte, but I’m sure I’ll try something new eventually… probably. Maybe.

Rating: 8/10

Have fun sipping your drink on the bleachers (yes, there are bleachers for seating… talk about unique design!) when you go, and let me know what you think of the place. Also let me know if the latte art champion makes your drink, because I will be so jealous. ‘Til next time…

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